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NIM™ Violet Flame Mentor/Coach

Navigating the Inner Matrix


You can begin your Violet Flame Ascended Mastery Training right here and right now.


Are you ready:-


To fully live your life free from fear?


To find yourself challenged to sustain your conscious spiritual connection while dealing with worldly challenges?


To wonder why certain self-defeating themes keep recurring in your life even when you feel you have “done the work”?


To benefit from a PROVEN step-by-step program that quickly & easily cuts through egoic preoccupations as it simultaneously ignites the doorway of your empowered spiritual essence?


Navigating the Inner Matrix is a time-tested, highly effective program that provides you with the tools to embrace your true freedom.


This program is available from the comfort of your own home with the support of a loving personalized coach whose magic presence witnesses your progress as a person who has also taken this journey and understands what you are experiencing.


Violet Flame Ascended Mastery Training: Navigating the Inner Matrix with CSAC mentor to witness your journey is $99.00


Violet Flame Ascended Mastery Training: Navigating the Inner Matrix with Personalised Coaching by a CSAC is $149.00.


Imagine! You will receive the entire comprehensive & easily downloadable:


•9 weekly PDF Lessons, and bonus materials

•9 class recordings

•Weekly email coaching with a Self-Ascension Intuitive Coach.

•Sacred Union: The Journey Home, (Sri and Kira’s ground breaking book on Self-Ascension) as an easy to read and reference PDF.


Say YES to yourself and claim this unique opportunity to anchor outside the chaos of density. You will receive world-class training materials, the guidance and energetic support of Sri and Kira, plus a personal coach via email. Truly incredible value and a unique opportunity.


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