Time Travel (past life regression)

For hundreds of years there has been a strong fascination with past life recall amongst those of us who recognize and believe in reincarnation. One thing given to me many years ago was that if we only had one lifetime how or who would chose what kind of life we had? Would we be rich or poor, healthy or sick, happy or sad? With reincarnation being a very strong possibility it means we can chose many lives so that we can experience all the different aspects of life. By choosing different life experiences it helps us to grow spiritually and to become more aware of who we are and who we have been.

During a past life regression appointment you will be sitting comfortably or lying down on a couch which ever would be the best for you.

Before the session begins you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals for the regression and to ask as many questions as you feel relevant before the journey.

After the session you will have time to discuss the journey and to ask any questions or allay any fears you may have experienced during the regression. It is a perfectly safe and enlightening experience and will enhance your knowledge of who you truly are.

Healing is Love.  Love Heals.

Time Travel (past life regression)

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